Jarrod Wyatt - Owner, CF-L1 Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Certification, Westside Barbell certification, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bachelors in Sports and Fitness Management

Colette Wyatt - Owner, CF-L1 Trainer, PN1, Registered Nurse, BP Strength and Conditioning certified

Jarrod and Colette have always had a passion for health and fitness. When they decided to follow their dreams and take on this business, their main goal was and still is, to provide a fun, community centered gym where like minded people can come to get healthier and stronger. That’s exactly what they have built at MRF! They love lifting weights and providing a place where people can become the best version of themselves! They have been married for 17 years and are blessed with 2 boys named Kaiden and Kyler.

Jarrod graduated from Colorado Mesa University in 2006 with a bachelors degree in Sports and Fitness Management. He played college football for CMU and lettered all four years. Jarrod’s passion for health and fitness stems from many years of being involved in sports and being in the weight room. In his spare time, Jarrod enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his sons’ football teams, and getting athletes strong and confident!
Colette is a Registered Nurse and has always had a passion for helping others. Her nursing experience has made her realize even more, how important it is to stay active and be healthy. She loves helping people reach their goals through nutrition and exercise. Improving people’s quality of life is very important to her.  She is a lover of coffee. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside, going on hikes, playing volleyball, and loves spending time with her family!


Natalie Mccabe

Natalie McCabe was born and raised in Cortez, Colorado. She played volleyball and basketball in high school and continued her education and volleyball career at West Texas A & M University where she studied Sports and Exercise Science. After her undergraduate degree, she continued her education and received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree from Union University in Tenessee.  She then worked in the NICU at LeBonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tenessee until she returned back to Colorado. Natalie also received her Level-1 Crossfit certification in the fall of 2018.  

Natalie McCabe is married to Bryson McCabe and they have four incredible children; Noah (9), Sadie(7), Boaz(5) and Ezekiel(3).  If she is not at the gym you can find her and her family at church, with friends on the water, in the mountains or playing on their hobby farm.  

Natalie loves to increase the physical and mental fitness of her members at Mountain Range Fitnesss by coaching functional movement patterns that improve the quality of life for her clients outside the gym. She wants to create a fitness climate that has an emphasis on the simple joys of movement.  One principle she has learned from a lifetime of fitness can be found in this quote. "You will never always be motivated.  You have to learn to be disciplined."  


Courtney Sikes

  • CF-L1/ CrossFit Kids Specialty Course
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery

Courtney has loved sports and physical activity her entire life. She enjoyed lacrosse, field hockey, swimming, cross country and track growing up, and she played club lacrosse at the University of Georgia. After graduating dental school she has been an avid "CrossFitter." Since moving to Cortez, she has discovered mountain biking, hiking, trail running, skiing, and lots of other fun outdoor activities.

She is married to Justin, and has two spirited young ones, Maddie Quay and Marin. One of her main motivations for doing CrossFit is to stay stronger and faster than her kids for as long as possible.

​Courtney works part-time as a dentist at the Montezuma County Public Health Department.

​She is passionate about getting kids active and teaching them that fitness can be fun! She loves CrossFit, especially for kids, because it is a sport in which everyone can succeed. The only limiting factor is how hard one is willing to work.


April Gray

April is a Colorado-native and an 11-year Navy Veteran. 

She has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness: Nutrition and Wellness, BSN/RN, L1-CF, Internationally Accredited Diploma in Nutrition, Certified Advanced Level Nutrition Coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Certified Ketogenic Health Coach, Certified CorePower Yoga Teacher, Certified BodyPump Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer.

April functions under the philosophy that proper doses of movement pared with quality nutrition is the key to promoting optimal health. Also, she believes that team building through physical fitness creates an environment that promotes such health on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

Her mission is to empower clients and gym members to optimize balance within all aspects of fitness and nutrition to create positive, lasting change in their well-being. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates


Joey Underwood

After discovering Mountain Range Fitness and attending classes for over a year, falling in love with the challenging workouts, personal rewards from the programming, and the amazing members, Joey decided to obtain her Personal Trainer certification in November 2021 and then her Nutrition Coach certification in May 2022. She is passionate about motivating people to reach their goals, whether that be in functional fitness classes, personal training or nutrition! Joey has realized the importance of overall health and fitness and is very excited to be able to share her knowledge with the current and future members at Mountain Range Fitness! 

When she is not at Mountain Range Fitness you can find her chasing her two year old daughter around, riding RZRs with her husband, camping, and traveling. Joey and her husband grew up in Cortez and they are very thankful to be back here working and being involved in the community. 


Sylvia Marlatt- MRF Marketing Specialist and NASM certified nutrition coach

Sylvia Marlatt was born and raised in Eastern Washington, but has lived in Cortez for five years. She has been married to her husband for 16 years and they have four children togeher.

 Sylvia developed a passion for fitness 14 years ago when she trained for and completed her first triathalon. The race sparked her interest in fitness, and through the years she has continued to follow that fire! Sylvia spent four years working as a health coach and fitness instructor in Kentucky, and discovered her love for helping others find confidence by acheiving their optimal health! She recently overcame her own personal weight struggles, losing 35 pounds and finding herself again. With that, she is able to feel more empathy toward her clients and can more fully relate to their challenges!

 In her free time, Sylvia can be found spending time with her family in the great outdoors. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing, running, mountain biking, lifting weights, and everything in between!

She is so grateful to be a part of Mountain Range Fitness and she believes that this gym is making a significant impact in this community! 



John McHenry

He is a CrossFit L1strength and conditioning teacher with the Dolores school District with 4 years experience coaching at MRF. He is a strong believer in the power of living a healthy lifestyle. John regularly studies workout techniques and philosophies to better educate himself on all aspects of strength and fitness. John met his personal fitness goal of qualifying for the CrossFit masters quarter finals. John believes strongly in the need to nourish the body with proper nutrients. When not in the gym, he enjoys a good Netflix binge, but can also be found on the local pickleball court and on an exciting OHV back country ride with his wife.


Coy Woodard

Fitness has been a staple in Coy's life for many years. He is another athlete turned coach that has competed in both physique to CrossFit competitions. He has a wide range of fitness experience and holds himself to the highest movement standards. Coy is an early bird and is always encouraging others to challenge themselves and perform at their best. When not in the gym you can find him enjoying his time with his wife and two sons or on the golf course. If you know Coy, you know he likes to talk!


Melissa Carver

Melissa was born and raised in the area. She graduated from Dolores High School. She currently has a master’s degree In Education and is a teacher at Dolores High School. Growing up Melissa was involved in athletics. When she was young she was a competitive gymnast. As she got older she played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. She first became interested in CrossFit when she joined the gym about five years ago. Her favorite workouts include those with gymnastics movements and a barbell. Her interests go beyond fitness. She believes in helping others to develop a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. She currently holds a PN Level 1 certification and works part time as a nutritionist for an assisted living home. On her free time she can be found at a baseball field watching her son or out enjoying an evening walk with her husband.


Shawna Lewis

Shawna has been an athlete at MRF for over five years and very rarely misses a workout. She has always lead by example in the gym by holding high movement standards for herself and encouraging others to excel in their fitness. She has worked in healthcare for years and just recently began coaching at Mountain Range Fitness. She loves to spend time with her husband and two dogs. She is passionate about fitness and mountain biking. She loves to see people grow in the gym and supports their health and fitness journey. 


Brandy Carruth-Director of Operations/Head Coach, CF-L1 Trainer, CNC, HT(ASCP)

Brandy has been working hard on her health and fitness for the last 12 years and  has seen her quality of life continue to improve tremendously. As a type 1 Diabetic it is very important for her to stay active and eat well and MRF has allowed her to do that without getting sick of the "same old" workouts every day! Brandy has worked as a Histotech in a pathology laboratory for over 10 years, and has extensive knowledge of the human body and its processes. She came on with MRF full time as the Director of Operations and Head Coach in January of 2023. She has been with her husband for 17 years and has 4 children. She enjoys helping people crush their fitness goals and do things they thought they could never do! Her favorite workouts involve a heavy barbell and she loves to travel and try new things. She can be easily bribed with coffee and tacos.


Amanda Neighbors, SFG 

Hey there! I am a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor and excited to start teaching here at Mountain Range Fitness. I wanted to share a bit about the kettlebell. The kettlebell is an incredibly versatile tool that builds all around strength and core stability, increases cardiovascular endurance and can improve one’s mobility. Kettlebell training is for all ages. I am 42 and am having the most fun I have ever had using them as my main training modality. I was so intrigued the first time I picked one up here at the gym that I bought myself a pair and started practicing. I decided I wanted to better my own practice and be able to help others that wanted to learn, so I started training to become a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor. Move better, get stronger and have fun with kettlebell training. Join us!